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4 Powerful Referral Strategies for D2C Brands

Referral marketing strategies

We, humans, are social creatures. Whether good or bad, we love to share our experiences with our social groups. And that’s the foundational reason why referral marketing works. With referral marketing, you turn your existing customers into brand advocates and…

4 Packaging Trends for Your E-Commerce Business

Packaging trends for ecommerce business

E-Commerce continues to grow in importance globally. To keep your brand in people’s minds, their journey to your product, starting with packaging, has to be memorable. Packaging trends have seen a seismic shift— from plain cardboard boxes to customized, handmade…

D’chica Raises Rs 1.6 Crores From Velocity

D'chica Raises Rs 1.6 Crores From Velocity

Premium apparel & fashion brand D’chica has raised 1.62 Crores from Velocity since Aug 2020. India’s largest revenue-based financier. D’Chica was founded in 2019 by sister-in-law duo Vani Chugh Kabra & Richa Kapila with a mission to transform the needs…